6 Succulents I Grow in Pots – Sun and Partial Shade (Six on Saturday)

I continue to be delighted by how well my succulents grow in pots. During the heat of the summer, I moved many of my succulents into the dappled shade to give them some respite from the scorching temperatures of the mid-day sun. Pot-grown succulents do offer greater flexibility, especially when temperatures soar to the high... Continue Reading →

Six on Saturday: Succulents in Flower – December

My six for this Saturday will focus on succulents in flower this week. I have several more in bud but not in time to share on this post. Maybe they will hang on until January. 1. Cotyledon orbiculata Pig’s ears or Elk’s horn This is one of the few succulents I have planted directly in... Continue Reading →

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