6 Succulents I Grow in Pots – Sun and Partial Shade (Six on Saturday)

I continue to be delighted by how well my succulents grow in pots. During the heat of the summer, I moved many of my succulents into the dappled shade to give them some respite from the scorching temperatures of the mid-day sun. Pot-grown succulents do offer greater flexibility, especially when temperatures soar to the high... Continue Reading →

Garden Diary: Cacti and Succulents

Over the last few months  I have been meaning to undertake some general maintenance aka TLC to my expanding collection of succulents and cacti. Many have either outgrown their pots, are infested with woolly aphids and mealybugs, or have dead leaves and debris which is rotting between their fleshy leaves or at the base of... Continue Reading →

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