A Romantic Evening in Venice

The prompt for this week’s photo challenge is bridge. Unfortunately, after an extensive search through my photos for an inspiring bridge in Portugal, I drew a blank. Will a bridge in Venice suffice?

Gondolier - Venice

Gondolier – Venice

On our first evening in Venice we sat at one of these tables sipping wine while watching the Gondoliers at work. It never ceased to amaze me how they managed to squeeze under the low bridges, and still maneuver the gondola. I wanted a ride but we just ran out of time.

Bridge in Venice

Bridge in Venice

If you’ve never been to Venice do add it to your bucket list. I hope to return one day  to claim a romantic ride in a gondola.


8 responses to “A Romantic Evening in Venice

  1. Beautiful. Hope to go back one day!


  2. I was fortunate enough to take my two daughters to Venice from Australia, and that more than once from the time they were 7-9. Hate to tell the true story that both had their future husbands take them there for their respective marriage proposals 🙂 ! On gondolas, I believe 🙂 ! Methinks the ‘business’ has become far too commercial these days tho’ – incoming money and ‘manufactured’ romance!! Place but also time . . . perhaps you better find those bridges in Portugal . . .


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  4. Venice is indeed a land of bridges. Would have loved some Portuguese bridges tho 🙂 Maybe next time??


  5. Very nice. Wonderful photos, perfect for the challenge. Sounds like you had a grand time.

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  6. I’ve visited a few major cities in Italy, but never been to Venice. A gondola ride must be very romantic. Great photos Carole.


  7. It will indeed, Pip, though I have any number of the Ponte Romana in Tavira. Another challenge unmet 🙂 🙂


  8. This is at the top of my bucket list of places to travel. What a dream this place is! Ahh, those gondola rides:)


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