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Vegetable Diary July – I will never be self sufficient!

My “Monthly Diary” and the saga of my attempts to grow my own
fruit and veg continues… My success rate to date leads me to believe that even if I had a large enough plot I certainly would not be self-sufficient by any stretch of the imagination!

Zucchini (Courgettes)

My Zucchini are Bald!

My Zucchini are trying to escape!

My zucchini are still desperately clinging to life as the problem of white mold on the leaves and rotting ends on the fruit continues. Apparently I have blossom end rot!

Fellow blogger Enjoy Creating suggested I try Hydrogen Peroxide and kindly gave me a link to Using Hydrogen Peroxide in the Garden so fingers crossed this may provide the answer!

I have now removed all the leaves which were covered in the white mold and sprayed the remaining leaves and baby zucchini with the diluted Hydrogen Peroxide solution. I used 2 tbsp to 1 litre of water. For those looking to buy this product in Portugal it is called Agua Oxigenada and is available in both Continente and Intermarche at under 50cents for a 500ml bottle!

The stalks on my zucchini are now over five foot long and still bearing fruit despite the fact the plants are now almost bald. Do they look like they are trying to escape?

I do hope the Hydrogen Peroxide is the magical elixir of life my poor zucchini have been waiting for! Think positive Piglet – next month they will  grow to the size of marrows!

Red Cabbage

Who win the battle to eat the Red Cabbage - Me or the Bugs?

Who will win the battle to eat the Red Cabbage - Me or the Bugs?

It’s a a constant battle with the bugs as to who will have the privilege of finally eating my Red Cabbage. I spray regularly with diluted washing up liquid to deter the little critters, but they are persistent to say the least!

Spring onions, sorrel, cherry tomatoes, chilli/jalapeno peppers, orange peppers and melons are growing well – at the moment. The honeydew melon seedlings are a result of just scattering some seeds from a melon I had bought for lunch from the local market. Much to my amazement they are still alive and growing well. 

Fruit and Vegetables Grown in Pots


My last few Strawberries were delicious!

My last few Strawberries were delicious!

My Strawberry plants continue to bear fruit, and much to my surprise, dare I say, are still healthy and even producing runners for further plants!


A "Rhubarb Crumble" will soon be on the menu!

A "Rhubarb Crumble" will soon be on the menu!

My solitary Rhubarb plant, kindly donated by a friend who had grown several from seed last summer, is finally producing some usable stalks and it won’t be long before we have our first Rhubarb Crumble desert since moving to Portugal. However, I suspect I will have to transplant to the ground this coming winter. Apparently, they do not grow well in pots on a long-term basis.

Does anyone have any experience of growing Rhubarb in pots long-term?

Cape Gooseberry (Physalis)

Cape Gooseberry

Cape Gooseberry

The Cape Goosberries plants are the latest victims to join my “fruit and vegetables in pots” collection. I have never tried to grow these before so I was absolutely delighted when I was given three plants to experiment with!

Does anyone have any tips on growing Cape Gooseberries please? I want to at least give them a fighting chance!

Tomatoes – Pot grown tomatoes have grown VERY slowly this year – I have about three tomatoes on each plant so my aspirations as to having a “glut” of tomatoes which I could sun-dry have been dashed. Hey ho there is always next year!

Chillies My Chillies grown in pots continue to grow well! These seem to grow all year round.



The lettuce have now gone to seed!

Yes, this is my lettuce!

The lettuce has now run to seed; I will now collect the seed and grow more. I don’t know why I have never thought of this before, so like growing the Cape Gooseberry, another first!

Garlic – While I was in France all the leaves died off; I am just plucking up the courage to investigate further to see if I have any heads of garlic lurking in the soil beneath!

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Growing Fruit and Vegetables in Portugal: May

The diary of my challenge to grow my own fruit and vegetables in Portugal continues. Seasons,  soil conditions and climate are totally different from the UK,  so gardening here is one big experiment.
I am not a knowledgeable gardener, nor do I have a “green thumb”, but my enthusiasm makes up for what I lack in these areas.
Unfortunately, I am unable to grow enough fruit and vegetables to be 
self-sufficient as my humble plot is really small. The “return on investment” in terms of time, effort and cost is zilch, but I enjoy the challenge and the convenience of organic fresh salad, veg and fruits just a few steps away! 
My Raised Vegetable Garden 14/05/11
My Raised Vegetable Garden 14/05/11
How quickly everything has grown since last month!
Squash plants 150511

Squash plants 150511

I’ve never grown Squash before but as a friend in Northern Portugal sent me some seeds I thought I would try.

Although my squash plants are still very small they are just beginning to produce flowers. Seeds planted 7/03/11
I think I’ve planted them to close together – they looked so tiny when they were first planted!
Although a different variety I hope they grow as well as the ones I spotted on “Enjoy Creating’s” blog : http://enjoyingcreating.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/round-squash-my-favorite-garden-veggies-to-grow/  Squash plants in flowers 22/05/11
First cucumber 15/05/11
First cucumber 15/05/11

Cucumbers grown from seeds planted 10/2/11

Unfortunately, the white mold that appeared on the leaves of the Zucchini plants caused many of the Zucchinis to rot. I am unsure as to the cause of the problem – perhaps humidity or overcrowding?
Any suggestions please?
Zucchini Jungle 15/05/11

Zucchini Jungle 15/05/11

 I braved the mosquitos and removed most of the leaves to improve air circulation. Not sure if this will help but it certainly cleared some space as you can see below.

Zucchini leaves removed

Zucchini leaves removed to encourage air circulation

Zucchinis rescued from jungle
Zucchinis rescued from jungle
 I rescued the above Zucchinis and used them in my Zucchini and Tomato Chutney I made on Saturday. I used the same recipe as last year… hmmm delicious! 
Garlic grown in pots
Garlic grown in pots – is it ready?
I planted cloves of garlic last December. I am not sure if its ready to pull but the leaves are starting to go brown and leaves in the other pot of garlic are have rust spots.

Prolific strawberry plants
Prolific strawberry plants

I rescued this crate and it is now home to some strawberry plants. I use netting from potato sacks to protect the strawberries from birds.

What else am I growing?

Sorrel, spring onion, spinach, chilli peppers, peppers, tomatoes and rhubarb. No show for the carrots I planted – I will try again in the autumn.

I am looking for some ideas on how to get rid of slugs, snails, blackfly and ants without using chemicals any suggestions folks?