Six On Saturday: Staying One Step Ahead

It's been another busy and challenging week in the garden. We can't go anywhere, do anything or see anyone so the bugs, birds and plants have the pleasure of our undivided attention. 1. Beetroot Blues Only two seeds of the Hullahup beetroot I planted on Feb 22nd have finally germinated Over a month of twice... Continue Reading →

Six on Saturday: Creative Gardening – Success and Failures

I started writing my gardening post at seven this morning yet here we are nearly seven in the evening and I am only just finished. We have been extremely busy in the garden this week and the three raised veg beds are almost finished. I will create a separate post to review those later in... Continue Reading →

Creative Ideas: Upcycling Plastic Crates to a Garden Cloche

Upcycling vs. Recycling For some reason I'd always assumed (ass-U-me) that anything we 'reused', rather than throw in the garbage, was  recycling; apparently not. Upcycling is reusing an item, such as the plastic crate pictured below, and creatively using it for something else. While recycling is taking items made of plastic, metal, paper etc. to... Continue Reading →

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