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Inconsiderate Drivers or Road Rats?

Today I was driving down a very ‘wibbly wobbly’, twisty narrow road to my mosaic class. Given my knowledge of the road I drive steady. Real steady. I call it the road of Hell or the pathway to Heaven.

I always anticipate the unexpected  as it is not unusual  to drive round a  bend to discover a burro and cart, chickens and stray dogs, or even  police cars parked in awkward places to pull in cars for vehicle checks. And that’s before you’ve taken into account drivers who overtake on the brow of a hill or/and or a blind bend. Anything can and does happen, so I concentrate.

This morning I caught sight of a car in my side mirror. For God’s sake, he was overtaking me on the brow of hill and and crossing a single white line. I had a ‘moment’ as I was not planning a trip to heaven just yet. He pulled back at the last minute as a large oil tanker hurtled round the bend at speed (thankfully I carry a spare pair of pants). I blinked then prayed before beeping my horn at him in disgust while shouting, Asshat!

He then hitched a ride right on my bumper for the next few wibbly wobbly terrifying miles impatiently weaving in and out to overtake then pulling back.

He makes his move. Again on the brow of the hill. No way could he see. He is almost level with my drivers door before he realizes he is running out of road as an oncoming car appears over the hill and flashes the headlights at him in warning.

I am now incensed. He is still tail-gating on my bumper. I slow down as his inconsiderate overtaking tactics are making me nervous. Extremely nervous.

“Hey, Asshat, I don’t want a bunch of flowers left at the side of the road to mark my passing to the next world. There is nowhere for me to pull over or for you to overtake. PATIENCE!”

Sheesh, this guy must have nine lives. I looked in my mirror, Asshhat is on his mobile phone gesticulating to an invisible audience.

Eventually, he overtook and squeezed by narrowly missing an oncoming car.

Needless to say he got the two-finger sign from me as he sped past. He was gone in seconds, and as beads of perspiration trickled down my back I let out a sigh of relief. Why are some drivers SO inconsiderate? He may have had a death wish aka late for the airplane, doctors appointment, work or whatever, but you are a long time dead.

I mused: would I stop to help if I discovered his car wrapped around a tree as I rounded the next hairpin bend? Ponderous.

 I is for ‘Inconsiderate Drivers‘. That’s my pet peeve for today.

Why not join me in the A-Z of Pet Peeves Challenge by sharing your  personal A-Z .  Simply post a peeve to your blog and don’t forget to share a links to your peeves to  Pet Peeves A-Z  page so we can all follow your progress!


Who’s up for the challenge?

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Pet Peeves, Grumbles and Stuff That Bugs Me!

What makes you mad?

What makes you mad?

Margaret at Cachando Chile challenged her followers to write a post about “Stuff that just bugs me…”

This challenge was not too difficult as I’ve definitely become more “grumpy” as I’ve grown older! Not that all older people are “grumpy”, I hasten to add!…Hmmm I think I am digging a deeper hole here so I will move swiftly on!

On a positive note, the wisdom of age has taught me how to “manage” my frustrations, be more tolerant, deal with my
“Pet Peeves”, “Grumbles and “Bugs” – grade them in order of annoyance and then deal with them accordingly! I also waffle more with age…

So here goes.
Pet Peeve – is literally a “Pet” Peeve

Dogs not kept on the leash on Blue Flag beaches
Dogs pooing on beaches has to be top of the list. It really concerns me especially when the beaches are crowded with young children playing in the sand.
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People demanding money to find you a parking space in an empty car park!
It does not matter whether you park in a side road or in a free car park the “Parking Scammers” are lurking – just waiting to spring into action by directing you into a “free” parking space.
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Inconsiderate Tourists
One of the downsides of living close to the beautiful beaches of the Western Algarve is the Tourist Season or as we have aptly named it “The Terrorist Season” Portuguese, Spanish, French and a handful of British Tourists descend on this normally quiet and as yet unspoilt area from mid July to the end of August.
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Hole in the ground Toilets – Turkish Loos
No I have not got a toilet fetish but I did find it amusing that a café that charges €7.00 for two cups of coffee had the nerve to offer such primitive toilet facilities as a Turkish Loo to its patrons. That or I have led a very sheltered life!
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What else BUGS me…

Joke Emails
“Friends” who send loads of joke emails but never write and enquire as to how you are.

Rip off Restaurants
I have lost count of the numerous times restaurants and cafés have overcharged us – or attempted to! Perhaps this is because we live in a tourist area and they think it is acceptable to overcharge tourists.

Hey, I’m on a roll here so just one more…
Errr no, nothing else springs to mind!

What’s bugging you? Write a post about it on your blog, link to this one and I’ll link back to you! Alternatively, please share your “Pet Peeves”, “Grumbles” and “Bugs” in comments below