Bacalhau à Brás

The first time I tasted Bacalhau à Brás I spat it out in surprised horror, downed a glass of water and swore at the assault on my taste buds. My tongue reacted in much the same way as that of a slug when you pour neat salt on it. I realise a tongue and  slug... Continue Reading →

Bacalhau com Natas (Cod in Cream Sauce)

This recipe complete with pictures is courtesy of Sami a Portuguese lady living in Australia! She had to drive 30kms to buy the bacalhau to make this recipe. Sami has a great blog called sami's colourfulworld please "click" across and say hi! Bacalhau com Natas Ingredients 500gr potatoes 500gr cooked and flaked bacalhau (Please see *note below) 3 onions sliced a... Continue Reading →

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