A-Z of Pet Peeves


Piglet's Pet Peeves
Piglet’s Pet Peeves

Do you find the older you get the more little ‘Pet Peeves’ you acquire in life?

While I am a positive person by nature it does not prevent me creating a whole laundry list of Peeves to  accommodate every letter of the alphabet.

With this in mind I’ve decided to create an A-Z Pet Peeve challenge. Well, this should keep us occupied for the next few years, especially those suffering from Writers, or should I say Bloggers’ Block.

What are your ‘Pet Peeves’?

Why not join me and create your A-Z  of Pet Peeves. #PetPeeves

Da Rules are few…

  • You can start the challenge at any time with any letter.
  • Write a post and share a link back to this page which will hopefully create a pingback in comments. If not please add manually.
  • Participating bloggers, and even new bloggers are encouraged to interact and build a network of blogging buddies.
  • Every month I will create a blog post highlighting my fellow bloggers ‘Pet Peeves’ so if you want to be included don’t forget to leave your links.
  • No spammers, please. This challenge is about community.

My A – Z

Automated Toilets


Bullfighting –  Is Bullfighting Wrong? – Add your voice to the discussion.



Disabled Parking –  Able-Bodied People Parking in Disabled Bays

Dogs – Dogs on Blue Flag Beaches – Are You For or against?



Feet (buying footwear for extra wide feet)











Public Toilets – A Turkish Experience in France – Have you ever tried Turkish Loos? You might wish to pass on that experience after reading this!





Toilet Signs – Why are women reduced to legs and boobs?

Tipping in Portugal – How Much is Too Much? – Why leave a tip for bad service or indifferent food?


Variable Speed Limits  

Variable speed limits on motorways are a pain in the butt! Do they cause traffic jams?

Wild Camping – How to Poop in the Wild



Shall I hide now?

Photo credits: http://www.pixabay.com

Piglet's Pet Peeves
Piglet’s Pet Peeves


9 thoughts on “A-Z of Pet Peeves

Add yours

  1. My blog isn’t about general stuff, so I didn’t want to post it there and link! Don’t post this or delete it or whatever if you want. Just typing it made me feel better! It’s related to your D of disabled parking.

    S – Service dogs who are really pets. In my area, and I believe across the US, there are way too many people calling their pets “service” dogs. I worked with a young woman, who was very gregarious and popular, who wanted her Cane Corso to go everywhere with her, and be able to live anywhere she wanted with him, so she said how bad she suffered from anxiety.

    The cashier at a craft store told us (strangers who could have been anyone!) told us her boyfriend was bringing in her “service” dog, but “he really isn’t, I just say that so we can have him in our apartment.” My disabled daughter needed all her control not to let loose on that woman, verbally of course.

    Little dogs in grocery carts… pit bulls wandering a different grocery store (then saying it was a “full” service dog, trained to do everything!), bundled in blankets so they look like babies. People petting and oohing and ahhing, which would never be allowed by a disabled owner. They are working animals.

    Legally there are two questions that can be asked by employees in stores in the US. 1 – is that a service dog (and only dogs are legal service animals in the US, not horses, not monkeys, they are used for assistance, but not federally protected) and 2 – what is it trained to do?

    Store managers are afraid to ask. Or they are ignorant, or have been told by corporate not to ask. I worked in a fabric store with that policy. Well, excuse me, what about people allergic to dogs? The little pups were on the bolts in the cart! I try to ignore it now, after being yelled at for asking the legal questions. I was once told, “Yes, it’s my nephew’s service dog.” Well, “Your nephew isn’t here!” That’s the same as using a disabled parking placard that belongs to your aunt!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. I have dogs. They get on the bed, they lick my face. But, don’t put a dog in my shopping cart! That’s where I put my food! Even service dogs are not allowed there.

    It does the actual disabled who depend on service dogs’ assistance to navigate their lives a disservice. It makes people doubt them. It is wrong. It’s illegal. Doctors who toss out “anxiety” papers willy-nilly should lose face fines.

    It’s a really big problem in my town. It’s one of my biggest peeves!

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  2. It annoys me when people abuse the system in this way. I hate it when people humanize dogs in this way. Surely there must be a case against people who put dogs in food trolleys or lie about service dogs. It’s truly shameful.


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