Help needed please…

I love painting street scenes, however because I’m absolutely hopeless at drawing and especially “perspective” I needed to find a creative way to overcome my lack of talent. With this in mind I decided to cheat and with the aid of Photoshop created an outline picture from one of my favourite photographs which I could then print off and paint using water colours or acrylics. The only problem is I now can’t remember how I achieved this and I want to create more templates to paint!

After hours spent fiddling with Photoshop while cursing my stupidity as I tried various techniques, you can imagine my frustration.

So I’m appealing to all my followers and anyone who happens to drop by my blog out of curiosity…is there anyone out there in “CyberSpace” who is a “Photoshop Guru” who can help me or can anyone recommend a free photo management programme I can download which gives the same results?


Now paint it!
Now paint it!


A side street in Lagos, Western Algarve
A sidestreet in Lagos, Western Algarve

If you would like to paint this picture you are more than welcome to use the photo and template.

YAY! I’ve done it! Thanks for everyones input and encouragement!
The link below provides easy to follow Photoshop tutorials just right for techno-muppets like me!

I followed most of the instructions. However, to lighten the picture for painting I used:
Image tab, then selected Adjustments then Brightness/Contrast


Colourful boats
Colourful boats


I made the outline detail far lighter on this picture as I’m using it as a guide only.

Line drawing and ready to paint!
Line drawing and ready to paint!

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  1. Your street drawing is a peach. Very artsy.
    I enjoy editing photos. I think you may have used something that may have been called ‘find edges’ or ‘enhances edges’, I use ‘Photo Impact’ and that what they call it.
    You may have also ‘inverted’ the colors after using the ‘edge’ effect
    Also you might have used a ”cartoon effect.
    or a Pen & pencil effect.
    I hope this helps. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi EC, thanks. I think if I can get the background colour right with a combination of yours and bianca’s suggestion I may have cracked it. I need a few hours now to “fiddle”
      Someone has also suggested Picasa. Hopefully snout to the grindstone over the weekend I may have sussed it. we will see!


  2. ArenΒ΄t we a useless lot (sorry, canΒ΄t help either), but I did have to chuckle at you saying you did something then couldnΒ΄t remember how you did it…I can totally relate to that πŸ˜‰


  3. When I want to move a picture or photo outline to needlecraft, is to place the said image on a window pane with bluettac then cover with fabric in the same way before tracing the lines in pencil to the fabric I wish to use.
    Another way is to trace the image to tracing or greaseproof paper. Turn it over and go over the tracing line on the back. (this needs to be done where the pencil lines do not matter. Then place the tracing paper right side up on the canvas and go over the tracing line again. I suggest you try it on some waste fabric or canvas first. An eraser is handy to have to hand!

    Another way is to draw grid lines on your drawing and then do the same on your canvas and work each square at a time in pencil. They should match up.

    I hope these ideas help.


    1. Hi Grannymar, thank you for the suggestions πŸ™‚ I’ve used tracing paper in the past This method printing directly onto the paper is easy as once printed I can then paint. However, tracing paper is great for canvass. I’ve not tried the square method yet, so this may be an option πŸ™‚ thank you


  4. When it comes to drawing and painting I am absolutely useless and have yet to master photoshop. But what a great way to satisfy your painting urge. Hope help comes soon.


  5. Photoshop is not my cup of tea either, I actually would like to enrol in photoshop lessons…The photo is lovely, so it will certainly be a great painting.


  6. A more old fashioned way is to draw your subject on a glass (or trace over a photo to a glass, scan it and print on the final media canvas or paper. For large scale paintings I’ve done the slide projector trick, where you project on the media from a slide, trace the outlines and then turn of the projector and of to printing!


  7. Hi PiP,
    I agree with Adventures…Google (or your favorite search engine) is amazing…we had a broken lightbulb that we couldn’t get out of the socket without electrocuting ourselves…sure enough, there was a video clip telling you exactly how to do it. Another time, I was taking care of my grandson while my daughter and her husband were away…the downstairs bathroom got locked from the inside…quick as a wink, I googled “open a locked bathroom door” and there it was on YouTube…step by step instructions.
    Best of luck…enjoy the painting. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi vivian, just googled and may have found solution. Someone has also emailed me and said I can create the same effect using Picasa3!
      I never even thought about google for this, but I know what you mean.
      I am going to try and grow sweet potatoes and I found some brilliant step by step advice!


  8. You could buy a cheap light projector and with that you can put any image on any surface as long it has a power source. Plus you can run it through your computer and change it with photoshop on the fly if needed, for the painting.


  9. Saw your post title and rushed over, but I’m definitely not one who can help. But I would say this: whenever I don’t know something I jump on Google (or the search engine of your choice) and start typing in different ways to ask for what I want. I’m betting someone has already posted an instructional video on YouTube as I often find basic technical computer help there. You might try YouTube first. Good luck, it sounds likes a great concept to know and share!


    1. Hi Linda,
      I never thought of looking on Google! Just had a quick look and the results, once I’d worked our the search term, are encouraging! I can’t believe I’ve forgotten how to create a line only image. Duh!


  10. I wish I could help but I only know how to paint the old-fashioned way, with paint and brushes. I hope someone can help you out.


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