Global Warming and Zucchini

Healthy flowers but deformed zucchini
Healthy flowers but deformed zucchini

A picture saves a 1000 words! All these misshapen zucchini were picked from the plant pictured above.

My  zucchini would certainly not win any prizes!
My zucchini would certainly not win any prizes!

I’ve tried growing zucchini directly in the ground and in pots and neither method was successful.

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What have you failed to achieve despite your best efforts? Have you plodded on regardless or did you quit while you were ahead? Please share your experiences, gardening or otherwise in comments below.

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  1. Looking at your photos it would appear they are suffering from blossom-end rot. The easiest solution is to pick off the flower as soon as the fruit starts to develop so the end of your courgette dries and no mould forms. You still might lose one or two though.


  2. This is one vegetable the kids like. I cook them with onions and tomato paste sauce. Kids don’t like real tomatoes much! I never thought they would be hard to grow. I only got introduced to them in Australia, via the Italians (I think) importing them.


  3. Piglet,
    Zucchini won’t grow in my garden either. I grew up on a farm, so my mom thinks it’s hilarious. I’ve tried hand pollinating, compost fertilizing and all my zucchini do is flower and wilt. Never mind that I can grow a bunch of other things, my failure at the “easy” zucchini has me down. And then to top it all off, my neighbour brings over her extras.


    1. “And then to top it all off, my neighbour brings over her extras.” 🙂 I wonder why yours will not grow either – how strange. It was a mission with me to begin with to crqack this and like you I’ve tried most things.
      I’ve just been weeding my pots and just discovered I think the melon plants I bought from a market are actually zucchini! I’d thought I’d dug them all up and thrown them away. grrrrrr What else do you grow?
      can you grow squash?


      1. I’ve grown squash inadvertently from the compost pile, and melons the same way (or should I say, melon).

        More conventionally, I can grow swiss chard, cilantro, tomatoes, basil, beans (glorious purple beans), salad greens and foxglove (although I don’t eat those).

        Every other year, I re-try zucchini. I do not like giving up on anything, so this is a re-try year.


  4. PiP…I love your sense of humor…vital whether you are gardening or doing anything else. 🙂 I have a question…do others in your area have success growing those troublesome plants that shall remain nameless? If so, perhaps you can purchase enough for consumption at a very reasonable price and concentrate on growing more amenable fruits and veggies. 🙂


    1. Hi Vivian, my sense of humour is a little bizarre to say the least. 🙂
      My plot is close to the sea and my lack of success may be down to the high humidity. I’ve given them my best shot so I think time to move on and grow, as you say, more amenable fruit and veg, 🙂


  5. 😦 I’m sad to hear that you’ve thrown in the proverbial towel and are giving up on zucchinis. Have you tried growing other types of squash? The yellow straight neck or crook neck are really tasty and sweet.
    I wish you well on your gardening and I know you’ll produce many other varieties of delicious veggies and fruits. 🙂
    Thanks for the mention. 🙂


  6. As long as they taste the same as regular, should the shape matter? You could probably make a killing on the market with your unique Zucchini. They’ve made millions selling sugar water to people. It’s all in the marketing 🙂


    1. Hi Jacob and thanks for dropping by. Even a marketing guru such as yourself would have trouble with the USP’s for these motley specimens 😦
      They were hard and tasteless when I tried to cook them. Even the animal that had tried to eat them gave up. Hey ho…


  7. Zucchini does really well here. I love to grill it with just a little olive oil. But, if it doesn’t work for you there, don’t torture yourself. You are right to move on to something that will make you happier!


    1. Hi Rose,
      I did taste them and they were hard. That was the last straw. re. S.P.Z.A. I have put them up for adoption as I need the pot for my new project. Rasberries, Fingers crossed the plant will find a good home 🙂


  8. Don’t they taste the same? Even if they look funny? I am a plod on regardless sort of person and never give up, I always think things will get better and could be worse!


    1. Hi Lindsay,
      No, they were very hard, unfortunately. 😦 I’ve come to the point, after three years where I had to give up for my sanity. I’m not normally a quitter, but sometimes we need to recognise and accept failure, shrug our shoulders and move on. Things may get better and will get better, if we recognise limitiations and channel our energies more effectively 🙂 By doing so we can even develop new skills or take on new challenges. I am going to use the pot and buy a small rasberry bush 🙂 I love rasberries and they are expensive here.


  9. My guess is that there’s something wrong with that plant. Zucchini aren’t that hard to grow and I’m sure the problem isn’t you. Have a great zucchini-free day.


    1. CC I just have to face facts I am useless at growing zucchini 😦 THis is the third year I’ve tried. Tomorrow is my zucchinin-free day I’m digging them all up and taking them to the pound 🙂 Perhaps someone will feel sorry for them and rehome them 🙂


  10. Didn’t the chicken come before the egg Piglet??

    On the subject of zucchini, it is all about the cross pollenation. You need to assist sensitively, in an understanding way. I get the feeling you may have been over-zealous?


  11. We grow a fair few things at The Ark’s spot – not so much quantity as variety. Much of this is as a result of the stuff we chuck out in the form of compost.We just bury everythig organic and a few months pass and up something sprouts.
    What I have never been able to grow is chickens. No matter how I try they just will not sprout at all.
    I had almost given up when I asked a friend, who is also an occasional gardener, if he could help. On inspecting my efforts he concluded that I was planting the chickens too close together. So next year, it will be all systems go.


      1. filho da policia!
        I knew my mate was having me on. Too close together, indeed. Sheesh! Thanks, Piglit. Takes a woman to sort these things out.


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