Jalapeno “Chili Virgin” – Piglet’s “Foodie Friday”

Are you a Chili Virgin?
Are you a Chili Virgin?

A few months ago a friend in Northern Portugal kindly sent me some Jalapeno Peppers which were excess produce from her veggie garden. She also included a simple recipe on how to pickle Jalapenos plus a variety of chili seeds so I could grow my own. I thought Christmas had come early and I’d have great fun “experimenting” so with my usual enthusiasm and quest to try new things I launched myself into yet another culinary adventure. However, “Fun” proved not to be the operative word as I failed to notice that the recipe said “Wear Gloves”! If you’ve ever handled chili peppers you will probably understand, but as a “Chili Virgin” I was completely oblivious to the consequences! Let’s just say when you cut chilies and they come into contact with your bare skin the juice permeates said skin – DON’T rub your eyes, touch your lips or touch any body parts that could be considered remotely tender! Trust me if you do you will spend the next hour on the bidet! So armed with this knowledge if you are a Chili Virgin proceed with caution and do not forget to wear gloves!.

1lb of Jalapeno Peppers
20 fluid oz water (I used bottled water)
20 fluid oz of white wine vinegar
1 tablespoon sea salt
12 black peppercorns

Sterilize jars in hot oven for a few minutes. If the lids have rubber seals I usually just sterilize these with boiling water. (I put the lids in the oven once and all the rubber seals melted – we learn by our mistakes!)

1. Wear food preparation gloves!
2. Wash the peppers and slice them into rings and put into sterilized jars.
3. Put white wine vinegar, water and sea salt into saucepan and bring to the boil. Simmer for a couple of minutes and pour over the peppers.
4. Put the lids on immediately and leave to cool.
The centre of the lids will “pop” in, which indicates they are airtight. You will need to repeat the above process for any jars that are not airtight otherwise the peppers will not keep.

Leave a couple of weeks before eating but a maximum of a year. Refrigerate after opening and eat within one month.

My next project is to plant the seeds and grow my own!

Please share your recipes and chili experience!


21 thoughts on “Jalapeno “Chili Virgin” – Piglet’s “Foodie Friday”

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  1. I’ve never even considered pickling my own jalepenos but they sure sound “spicy.” LOL. While I was aware of the rubber glove trick I appreciate the reminder because I’m petrified to do anything with the robust little peppers without being armed head to toe with a rubber suit but also intrigued because of the flavors you’re probably playing around with in some dishes. 🙂


  2. I’ve had your experience once or twice, but never in so sensitive a place. The pickled jalepenos sound great. I may have to try them, but chilis never seem to last long in our kitchen before theyare added to a dish!


  3. I completely love jalapeños!
    Aldi have jars in this week and I’m stocking up, budget allowing. Perhaps I should just do my own because I’ve found them difficult to source, in jars, here in PT (Aldi UK sells them in their regular range)


  4. Oi Piglet, tudo bem? Linda as suas fotos do seu blog? Queria muito conhecer Portugal, estou escrevendo para te desejar um ótimo final de semana.
    Abraços Mina!


  5. Oh dear, I’ve been where you were with the peppers. I learned, the same way as you did, to have gloves on my hands during any pepper preparation. lol We grow bell peppers and banana peppers in our garden and even though they are a bit milder than the hotter peppers, the same extreme care is always taken when handling them.
    Thanks for the recipe. I bet your recipe would make pretty decorative jars too.
    Wishing you a pleasant weekend!


  6. Living in South Texas we handle hot peppers regularly. I have personally never had a problem with the jalapeno, but there are other peppers I wont even let into the house. I have heard too many emergency room stories…thats one lesson I am glad I learned from someone elses mistake. Have a JOYful weekend!


  7. Hi PiP, sorry to hear you had a bad first experience but at least you learned something from it.

    My mom grew her own hot peppers and did her own pickling and she never once wore gloves. I don’t know how she managed but just the smell of them could start my lips tingling. 🙂


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