More “Bugs” in my garden

The beautiful insects featured below all live in my garden. We exist in parallel worlds in harmony just hoping our paths rarely cross (well I do)!! My garden is a haven for various insects where my plants and vegetables provide sustenance equal to a three-star Michelin restaurant!

I would love to identify them…please can anyone help?
7/11/2010 Val from Northern Portugal has kindly identified these.

Red and black Beetle
Graphosoma Italicum or Shield Bug

I have seen several of these colourful beetles in my garden this year.
7/11/2010 Val from Northern Portugal has kindly identified this bug as a
Graphosoma Italicum also known as a Shield Bug

Female Stag Beetle
Female Stag Beetle - larger than a Euro coin!

This beetle was huge! I just had to persuade it to walk over the euro coin while I took its photo to give some indication as to its size. Later I found it wriggling on its back, covered in ants, and unable to escape. I rescued it and set it on its way. Lucky beetle!

Locust?Locust lurking in my Hibiscus plant

This little critter was taking a snooze.

Lunching on the green bean leavesHiding in my runner beans!
Hiding in the runner beans...scary!

I was just about to pick some green beans when I unexpectedly disturbed Fred! I should think my scream could be heard across the other side of the Atlantic!

Can anyone help me identify these insects, please?


4 thoughts on “More “Bugs” in my garden

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  1. I read all your insect posts. You have shared alot of helpful information about them.
    I hope you get the palm weevil and caterpillars under control. It sure is scary the damage to human and pet health and trees they can cause.
    Your pictures are wonderful. You have a good steady hand for taking macro shots of the little buggers. I’m impressed. Yep, you have no fear. lol
    I’ve enjoyed visiting and learning about some of the insects around your area.
    It’s been fun visiting with you today.


    1. I don’t know about a steady hand 🙂
      I thnk it was the piercing scream I let out in surprise as I stumbled across them. It paralysed them just long enough for me to run and get my camera and take a snap shot. The big spider in the other post was the worst as it walked over my hand!
      They are fascinating little critters though once you get over the initial shock!


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